You can call me Sandy, or 林笙笛 if you’re fancy.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a Chinese-Canadian creator, artist and digital designer based in Toronto Ontario. I spend my free time drawing, designing, and tattooing for my small business - Inked by SL. I am a creative at heart, and I have an insatiable drive for learning, co-creation, and helping others. I'm a firm believer of picking up new skills along the journey where ever life may take me.

I consider myself a "jack of all trades" and I pride myself on my adaptability and ability to wear different hats.
I believe in empowering endless growth through the pursuit of knowledge, and pride myself to never stop being teachable.

My Design Ethos 💭

Always championing collaborative creativity, weaving functionality with beauty, with an unwavering commitment to innovation. 🦋