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An editorial spread I created back in 2021 in my GBDA101 class at the University of Waterloo. This editorial spread details my retrospection of my journey in art, and explores the role it plays in my life and future.

Editorial Design | 2021

Programs used:

Step 1: Conceptualize

Our project brief: Create a magazine spread that represents something important to you or represents a key part of your identity.
Originally, I wanted my concept to be of "duality" as a retrospection of my personality. But I quickly ran into roadblocks after trying to capture that within a magazine. I figured I needed to pivot directions as my theme was too objective.

Instead I shifted my focus to something else that has always been
an integral part of my childhood and present day life, my journey in the traditional arts.

Step 2: Gathering Assets

Armed with my newly chosen theme of "my personal journey in the traditional arts" I begin by assessing the major keystones I wanted to cover within my magazine, which was: The introduction into traditional arts, learning the fundamentals, and then the development of my style over time. This lead me to realize that I wanted to focus on texture, light & shadows, and layering for the actual visuals of the spread. Also with the integration of real works that I did throughout the years stemming from my childhood until now.

Using my Canon camera, I captured images of my artwork, ripped paper, and sketchbook paper texture. I imported these pictures to Adobe Photoshop where I would modify & remove the background of each shot. I also began to create any digital assets I needed on Adobe Illustrator.

Step 3: Assembly

After I created and gathered the visual assets I needed, and planning a general guideline for what I wanted my text to convey, I went to work putting it together in Adobe InDesign.

Because my spread details the journey I went on throughout the arts, which eventually lead me to pursue digital art, I wanted my editorial spread to have elements of both digital and physical visual elements.

Final Spread

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