Trust the Process (2021)

Editorial Design

My Role

Visual & Graphic Designer


Pencil Sketching


~ Jan 2021 to April 2021


This editorial spread is designed to detail a retrospective piece about my journey in art, and explores the role it plays in my life, and future.


Create a magazine spread that represents something important to you or represents a key part of your identity. Originally, I wanted my concept to be of "duality" as a retrospection of my personality. But I quickly ran into roadblocks after trying to capture that within a magazine. I figured I needed to pivot directions as my theme was too objective. Instead, I decided to shift my focus to something else that has always been an integral part of my childhood and present day life, my journey in the traditional arts.

Brainstorm ✦


To properly plot out my time and the materials/assets I would need, I needed to first determine the vision I have for the magazine spread.

Asking myself questions such as:
• How many pages will I need to get my message across?
• How can I show my artistic growth as both a traditional artist and a digital designer?
• How can I find the bridge between my digital art style versus my traditional art style?
• How can I create a bold statement with my magazine spead?

Gathering Assets

By assessing the major keystones I wanted to cover within my magazine, which was:

• The introduction into traditional arts
• Learning the fundamentals
• The development of my style over time.

This lead me to realize that I wanted to focus on texture, light & shadows, and layering for the actual visuals of the spread. With the integration of real traditional works that I did throughout the years stemming from my childhood until now. Using my Canon camera, I captured images of my artworks, ripped paper, tape, and plastic textures. By importing these pictures to Adobe Photoshop where I would modify & remove the background of each shot.

Sometimes It's Better to Start Over

With all transparency, I began designing this magazine spread with a completely different aesthetic and idea in mind.

My original idea was to design the magazine based around the idea of duality, and yin and yang.

Eventually, when working through the development of my content, I realized that I had over worked myself in trying to create a magazine for a theme that I really didn’t fully understand. To the right is a process shot of where I was in my magazine design when I decided to change my idea, Pivoting, I realized I needed to take a step back to analyze what assets I could use for my new spread and what I still needed to gather.

Take a step back, to rethink. 💭

What about me do I want to communicate through this editorial spread?

Putting it All Together ✦